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Download Results Locally

The results can be download locally using the following Wget command:

wget -r -k -K  -l4      html-extension http://IP/


Table 2 provides a description for each of the wget command elements


 Table 2: Wget Command Elements

Command Description
  -r   Recursive; specify a recursive download
  -k   Convert-links; make links in the downloaded HTML or CSS point to local files
  -K   Backup converted; before converting a file, back it up as .orig
  -l   Level = ; The maximum recursion depth (inf or 0 for “infinite”)


The files can be downloaded locally on the Raspberry Pi and then transferred with a Safe Copy Protocol (SCP) tool or command.

For Windows, we recommend using an SSH client to emulate a Linux environment that can access local files in the base directory, “C:\” (The tool used for this purposes on our side is “MobaXterm”.) In the SSH client, navigate to the appropriate folder and run the command.

When you run the command, a new folder will be generated containing the results. To view the results, navigate to the new folder and open the index.html file in a browser window. Click on the links to jump from page to page.