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Send API Commands to Configure the Test Bench

The HTTP POST/GET/DELETE methods are used as the input APIs. The following examples are cURL commands. cURL is a lightweight command-line tool that has been built into Windows 10 (build 17063, or later). It allows you to make HTTP requests without needing a web browser. If you are using a different build of Windows, or a different operating system, you will need to install cURL separately. (If you are using Linux, use these instructions.)

To use cURL in Windows, open the Command Prompt app.

To configure the Test Bench:

  1. Add the device. To do this, enter the following at the command line:

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type:text/plain" -d "[{\"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\",\"AppKey\":\"00000000000000000000000000000000\",
\"NwkKey\":\"00000000000000000000000000000000\",\"region\":\"US\"}]" http://IP/device


The IP is the Test Bench host’s IP address.

  1. Enter the information requested, as in the Device Configurations section of this document.

Note: You can test multiple devices at the same time.

  1. Add test cases.

The following (long) command adds a comprehensive test case set to the Test Bench controller. The payload is a list of dictionaries of separate tests. All tests are executed in the order in which they were added.

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type:text/plain" -d "[ { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"join\", \"SubCat\":\"deny\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":8 }, { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"join\", \"SubCat\":\"mic\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":4 }, { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"join\", \"SubCat\":\"rx2\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":4 }, { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"normal\", \"SubCat\":\"normal\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":16, \"Config\":{ } }, { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"downlink\", \"SubCat\":\"timing\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":44, \"Config\":{ \"Step\":4, \"Datr\":3 } }, { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"downlink\", \"SubCat\":\"freq\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":44, \"Config\":{ \"Step\":20, \"Datr\":3 } }, { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"downlink\", \"SubCat\":\"confirmed\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":8 }, { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"downlink\", \"SubCat\":\"cnt\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":8 }, { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"mac\", \"SubCat\":\"mask_125\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":16 }, { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"mac\", \"SubCat\":\"mask_500\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":16 }, { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"mac\", \"SubCat\":\"tx_power\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":12 }, { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"mac\", \"SubCat\":\"dr\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":8 }, { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"mac\", \"SubCat\":\"redundancy\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":16 }, { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"mac\", \"SubCat\":\"rx_para_rx1dro\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":8 }, { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"mac\", \"SubCat\":\"rx_para_rx2dr\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":8 }, { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"mac\", \"SubCat\":\"status\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":4 }, { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"normal\", \"SubCat\":\"per\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":128, \"Config\":{ \"Up\":0, \"Down\":0 } }, { \"DevEui\":\"0000000000000000\", \"Cat\":\"normal\", \"SubCat\":\"block\", \"Criteria\":\"count\", \"Parameter\":128, \"Config\":{ \"902.3\":100 } } ]" http://IP/sequence


For detailed API references and available configurations in the Test Bench design, see the Test Bench APIs.