Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Services

We are waiting for LoRa Alliance to ratify the spec for the FUOTA spec. You can rest assured that Semtech will make this feature commercially available as soon as the Alliance is ready to certify our product with it.

The Cloud solver is an integral part of the LoRa Edge platform for computing a position fix using GNSS and for acquiring a Wi-Fi based location fix using triangulation of static MAC addresses. Key advantages of using Semtech’s end-to-end LoRa Cloud solution include:

  • Simplified means of joining a device to the network with the LoRa Cloud Device Join service
  • Easy device management with the LoRa Cloud Device & Application Services
  • Firmware Updates Over the Air (FUOTA)
  • On-premise support

However, if you want to source, test and assemble these pieces independently, we will support that as well.

Actility and The Things Network offer a network server. Semtech offers a Cloud server for geolocation services as well as a suite of the Device & Application Services. The network server is connected to the Cloud on the back end. We are not replacing it.

Semtech’s business model supports three different types of plans:

  • Contract
  • Subscription
  • Consumption

Yes, it is open and fully documented in the LoRa Cloud.