Frequently Asked Questions


On the Tx side, the node or broadcast address must be set manually in the payload.On the Rx side, you can use a register to automatically perform the filtering on the nodes or broadcast address.
The SX1272 is integrated with two power amplifiers. One power amplifier is capable of delivering +20 dBm out of PA_BOOST, and the other power amplifier is capable of delivering +14 dBm out of RFO. If you wish to reach output power beyond +20 dBm, an external power amplifier will have to be added, preferably through RFO.
Semtech will provide details to the licensee about how data is protected and anonymised. All legal and local requirements will be taken into account in the detailed procedure defined. Semtech and the licensee will define this to be compliant with all legal and local requirements
LoRa and NB IoT are both LPWAN technologies whereas 3GPP drives the NB IoT for carrier deployments in licensed band and LoRaWAN is an open standard driven by the LoRa Alliance.As there are material differences between the technologies the addressable markets and use cases are not the same. Overall the vision of the LoRa Alliance is that both technologies are complementary and based on the specific needs of a customer one is better off with either of the options.You can download the public whitepaper: "" target="_blank">here.
The solution is provided as source code with full documentation. The system can be broken up into a number of different types of solution. It is easy to create virtual machine instances as well as fully integrating the core of the solution.
The files are provided in ‘C’ and ‘C++’ and are expected to be highly portable. The Semtech software support team is on-hand to enable smooth integration of the source code by any licensee.
The solution is provided as a complete end to end solution from gateway firmware to network service and controller through to website. The solution is provided to licensees in plain source code including all elements required to provide an end to end solution.
Semtech and the licensee will come to an agreement about how exactly this information is provided. A secure and electronic process will be defined.