System Overview

The LoRa Edge Tracker Evaluation Kit demonstrates and highlights the various aspects of an asset tracking system based on the LoRaWAN protocol. The elements used in this system are highlighted in the following diagram.

Figure 3: System Component Diagram

The data flow proceeds from the tracking devices through the gateway provided in the Kit to the ThingPark Community Platform (the LoRaWAN Network Server). This network server will be configured to use the LoRa Cloud Device Join service, which manages the LoRaWAN network join process. Once the devices have joined the network, ThingPark Enterprise is the secure conduit for data to and from the Application Server, which is hosted by Tago.IO. The Tago.IO service provides the interface to the position computation engine (hosted on the LoRa Cloud portal). It also provides complete visualization of the tracking data for the devices, which are available through a web browser. Each part of this system is independently scalable to any size application that might be deployed. This demonstration is an example of an end-to-end deployment of the latest LoRa Edge tracking solutions.

Not pictured is the LoRa Edge™ Config application, which is installed on smartphone devices, and talk directly to the trackers to initialize and prepare them for operation. This functionality is discussed later in this Users Guide.