The LoRa Edge™ Asset Management Evaluation Kit (“Kit”) is a portable reference kit designed to introduce the LoRa Edge™ Platform asset management capabilities with LoRa Cloud™ Services, integrated with the Actility ThingPark Enterprise-based Community Platform (Network Server) and the TagoIO Application Service, and to showcase LoRaWAN® network coverage around a building or site. It is also intended to accelerate solution development for a wide range of stakeholders. The self-contained nature of this reference kit makes it easy to set up, take down, and move a network in a matter of minutes.

Users can determine a gateway’s range of coverage by moving sensors to different places around a coverage area. Furthermore, solution developers can focus on providing customer value through data collection and analysis by using off-the-shelf hardware available from various ecosystem partners.

The GPS location data of each tracker is displayed on a dashboard that users access through a web browser. The dashboard shows the type of displays that can be created with the data collected. The URL for the dashboard and how to locate the login credentials for your Kit, are explained in the sections below.