Create an Application

An application represents a collection of devices on the network server. These devices may either be all of the same type or a mixture of device types. The data from each device in the application will pass to any integrations you have registered with the application. This section explains how to create an application.

  1. Log into the Semtech Network Server if you haven’t already done so.
  1. Click Applications in the menu on the left.

Semtech Network Server Applications Item

Figure 21: Semtech Network Server Applications Item

  1. Click + CREATE.

Applications +CREATE Button

Figure 22: Applications +CREATE Button

  1. Complete the form:
  • Application name: enter a name with only letters, numbers, and dashes, e.g., lr1110-application
  • Application description: Give the application a description e.g., LoRa Edge™ testing application (spaces are allowed)

Create Application Form

Figure 23: Create Application Form

  1. Click CREATE APPLICATION. The application appears in the list of Applications.

New Application on the Applications Page

Figure 24: New Application on the Applications Page

You have now created an application.