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How Do I Test LoRa?


Testing LoRa-based Devices

As Sebastien Lebreton explains in his blog post (Expert Series: Testing Devices Featuring LoRa® [How To]), “decent test coverage can be obtained with only a few tests. Rest assured, it will not be all that expensive or time-consuming.” For an in-depth understanding, read on.

Additionally, Semtech is proud to offer the Sensor Application Conformance Test Bench as a means of testing your devices prior to getting them certified by the LoRa Alliance®. To use the test bench, see the Sensor Application Conformance Test Bench User Guide and the companion Design Guide.

Getting Devices Certified

The LoRa Alliance only promotes those LoRa®-based devices that have been LoRaWAN® CertifiedCM.

To be certified, LoRa-based devices must pass a comprehensive and rigorous suite of tests to ensure they meet quality and performance standards. There is now a way to prepare devices to meet these standards prior to sending them for formal certification.

The LoRaWAN Certification Test Tool (LCTT) is available to LoRa Alliance members across the globe. The LCTT is a “pre-test” tool designed to be used by device manufacturers to ensure their devices meet the requirements for performance and compatibility with LoRaWAN networks. The key benefit of this tool is that full testing devices, including regression testing and debugging, can be done prior to submitting for formal certification. Device manufacturers can save time and money by pre-testing their devices before sending them for certification.

Once the pre-testing is complete and devices are ready for market, it is important that device manufacturers have their devices officially certified. Fortunately, there are several LoRa Alliance Authorized Test Houses around the globe that can validate and certify devices for sale as LoRaWAN-compatible.

For more information about certification, contact the LoRa Alliance.

Testing Tools

In addition to the LoRaWAN Certification Test Tool, Anritsu offers a couple of tools that can be very helpful in testing LoRa-based devices:

Anritsu MT8870A Universal Wireless Test Set