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Cloud Services

We are waiting for LoRa Alliance to ratify the spec for the FUOTA spec. You can rest assured that Semtech will make this feature commercially available as soon as the Alliance is ready to certify our product with it.

The cloud solver is an integral part of the LoRa Edge platform for computing a position fix using GNSS and for acquiring a Wi-Fi based location fix using triangulation of static MAC addresses. There are inherent advantages to using Semtech’s end-to-end LoRa Cloud solution such as Join Server, DAS, FUOTA, On-premise support all working in unison. However, if a customer wants to source, test and assemble these pieces independently by themselves, we will support that as well.

Actility and TTN offer a network server, we offer a cloud server for geoloc services and DAS. The cloud is backend connected to the network server. We are not replacing it.

We support multiple cloud business models, which includes contract based, subscription based and consumption based plans.

Yes, it is open and fully documented in the LoRa Cloud.