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Error after one unsuccessful Join Request

I've ported the actual LoRaMac-node software to an efm32tg and i'm using it with the SX1272.
After the first Joining Request, which was not successful, the second try does not occure.
I've figured out that the underlying Region868 implementation returns a "Dutycycle_restricted" status code and sets a timeout value (about 140sec) for the retry.
But this timeout is not applicatable because the Mac-Layer don't allows a delayed transmission in this case.
Together, this results in a state where the Mac cannot send any frame.

Is that an already known Issue?

Yours faithfully,


Could you please open an issue in the LoRaMAC repository ?

How did you manage to put all the code inside an EFM32TG MCU ?
Maximum amount of RAM for an MCU in that family is 4Kb and for flash is 32Kb.
Both are insufficient for even a minimal release (optimized for size and stripped) compilation which requires about 4.5Kb RAM and 43Kb of flash.
I do not know Silabs EFM32 product line but 4 bkB ram and 32 kB flash is not enough, please follow the recommended guidelines: