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Max power in Europe for 865-868 MHz (RED EN300 220-2 v3.1)


I googled a thread with the same subject name as above (which for some reason can't be found on the Semtech website) because I'm having trouble interpreting the power density requirement for Band L (865-868MHz). The power density requirement states a limit of +6.2dBm/100kHz. How does this match up with the maximum power output of +14dBm?

As I understand it, Lora works by a signal being swept across the channel bandwidth. I can't find the bandwidth of the signal that is being swept across the channel bandwidth. If it's fairly narrow (e.g. < 10kHz), then it doesn't matter if we are operating at +14dBm because over 100kHz the power spectral density will be lower than +6.2dBm/100kHz.

Can someone from Semtech please post an answer or message me? It's pretty urgent as we are gearing up for tests at the moment.

Forget this band. Instead, used sub-band h1.4 as referenced in the latest ERC-REC 70/03, which is also referred to as band 47 in the latest EC decision.

There you have 25mW peak power and 1% duty cycle allowed, no restriction on the PSD.

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Thanks Seb, that's a relief!