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Default OCP SX1261/SX1262

According to the SX1261/2 data sheet (Rev 1.1), the default OCP register values should be the following:

SX1261 =0x18=60 mA
SX1262=0x38=140 mA

However, I have a SX1262 but read 0x18 from the register.

I had the idea that I could use this register to check/verify the exact chip model, but apparently not!?
Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?
Is there some other method to check whatever the chip is a 1261 or 1262?

edit: it seems thath the command "SetPaConfig" have the side effect that it changes the OCP register depending on whatever the "deviceSel" paramter is 0: SX1262 or 1: SX1261. correct?
So it is more like the host is telling the chip what model it is, right?

Hi Sfrank,

There is no way to separate a SX1261 and a SX1262 through the command interface. The commands you are highlighting are meant to tell the chip who he is.

...more precisely, the default value is updated in the chip after you issue the SetPaSetting command, where you define if you pick the SX1261 or SX1262 with the deviceSel variable
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