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Module 5 - Sending Downlink Issues


I'm stuck--I can't seem to get the downlink to work correctly, as referenced in this module of the LoRaWAN Academy:

I've confirmed that I can toggle LED on/off as described in the downlink section of Module 4, and I've confirmed that I can view data flowing through to my web browser as described in the earlier sections of Module 5. However, I cannot seem to get a downlink scheduled using the HTML buttons. I've attached my server.js and client.js files, can anyone help point me in the right direction for what might be causing this issue?

Thank you in advance!
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server_file.txt  (File Size: 2KB - Downloads: 225)
Client file won't attach so I've attached screenshots below:
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Anyone have any ideas?
Hi Collin,

Could you please post full code on pastebin ?
Hi Olivier,

Please find the full code linked below:

Server.js File:

Client.js File: