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Low power listening using SX1276

I'm developing an amateur-based meteo station based Arduino Feather M0 with LoRa module and I need to put LoRa in low power listening mode to save battery power.
The system must respond to a request, send data, and then go back to sleep mode.
If there is any such or similar example, please point me.

When you write "The system must respond to a request, send data, and then go back to sleep mode": what do you mean by "system"? I suppose you want to set the MCU in sleep mode while the radio is still listening to another incoming message, am I right?

Also, concerning "low power listening mode", there is no such mode per se. Nevertheless, you can define a strategy with a Rx duty cycle - the value of the duty cycle depends on the application - to reduce the mean power consumption.
Hello again!

Thank you for responding quickly to my question!
The idea is for the microcontroller to enter "sleep mode", but when a radio is asked by the main system, it wakes him up, he collects the sensor data and sends it to the applicant, and then goes back to sleep mode.
I suppose there are ready solutions to this task, but my main goal is to figure out how it works.
I will be extremely indebted to you if you help me in the right direction! 😊

Best regards, Kulaksazov

You can put the radio on in Rx mode, waiting for a request coming from the main system, and put your microcontroller in sleep mode.

When a packet is received - and depending on the configuration you applied - there is a rising edge on a dedicated GPIO of the radio that can be used to wake up your microcontroller. Then, you can fetch the request from the radio buffer, collect data from you sensor and send everything back to the main system.

This is probably the way.
I will read a little about putting the radio in this mode and what is the GPIO pin that would "wake up" the microcontroller.

Thanks again!
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