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Hello everyone,

I have been trying to get the location of my device following the guide for the API V3, in the Documentation section. I tried a lot to make it work, but due to my limited experience with http requests, I may have been missing something.

The guide is not making clear some things so I would like to ask some questions and I would be glad if there is anyone able to give answers:

1) Is there any useful tool for making http POST?(I am using Postman, but I am not sure if it is right for the needs of geolocation)

2)I have tried the Python code that is provided in documentation page, in API V1 for a minimal TTN integration example (, but I take the message: "DMS request failed". I was wondering if it works for the API V3 also, but I have not got any result.

3) Can I make an http POST with my API token and the data of the gateways there are in the guide ( and still get a response(GeoLocationResult), or I have to place my gateways' data in order to make a successful request?

4) Can anyone provide a guidance for "beginners" in the http processes and how it works, which are the tools we need etc.? I am guessing that after almost a month trying to make it work, I may be missing some self-explanatory things.

Thank you in advance and I am truly looking forward for any answers as I have everything set up for my GeoLocation project and I have stuck in the integration point.

1. I never tried Postman but it should work, otherwise you can use simple tool like curl; there is an example in the getting started:

2. This Python code is for device management server, you do not need it for geolocation

3. This service is stateless with no setup, so you have to send gateway data with each request

4. Did you tried the getting started ?
What is not working for you ?
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