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LoRa GeoLocation

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to get the location of my device following the guide for the API V3, in the Documentation section. I tried a lot to make it work, but due to my limited experience with http requests, I may have been missing something.

The guide is not making clear some things so I would like to ask some questions and I would be glad if there is anyone able to give answers:

1) Is there any useful tool for making http POST?(I am using Postman, but I am not sure if it is right for the needs of geolocation)

2)I have tried the Python code that is provided in documentation page, in API V1 for a minimal TTN integration example (, but I take the message: "DMS request failed". I was wondering if it works for the API V3 also, but I have not got any result.

3) Can I make an http POST with my API token and the data of the gateways there are in the guide ( and still get a response(GeoLocationResult), or I have to place my gateways' data in order to make a successful request?

4) Can anyone provide a guidance for "beginners" in the http processes and how it works, which are the tools we need etc.? I am guessing that after almost a month trying to make it work, I may be missing some self-explanatory things.

Thank you in advance and I am truly looking forward for any answers as I have everything set up for my GeoLocation project and I have stuck in the integration point.