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How many bytes of data we can send through Lora transceiver to multiple transceivers at a time? 


I am using 3 transceivers. 1 transceiver is sending 96 bytes of payload to remaining 2 transceivers. both receivers are receiving the message but from one side only i am able to get the ack.Is there any problem in sending 96 bytes of data at a time to multiple receivers.
Can anyone help me to get out of this problem?
You have only one receiver in the first device transmitting the 96 bytes. Therefore, if the two transmit back their ack at the same time (which they will), then both acks will collide and ones (at least) will get lost.

To prevent this, you have to build a system where acks are sent with a delay, for instance, and the receiver be ready to receiver multiple ACKs