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SX1262 Dev Kit and ARM Libraries


We have some questions:

What Development Kit do you suggest for SX 1262 for Europe?
What software libraries do you recommend for integration of SX 1262 to Nordic ARM Cortex M4 Microcontroller?

Luke Galea
Hi Luke,

SX1262 is mostly used in regions where nominal power exceeds 14dBm, which isn't the case in Europe. Therefore, there isn't a dedicated EU kit for SX1262.

You can still use the US eval kit, and run it at 868 MHz, will good performance. By inspecting the BOMs, you'll see that only changing 2 passible components will give you perfect performance at 868 MHz (L4-C7 off the top of my head).

As far as code, the best is to use the LoRaMAC node implementation for STM32, as a starting point, located on github under code name "LoRa net".