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frequency tuning using sx1257

Hi all,
In our gateway, it receives the data only on 868MHz. But I want to receive the packet at the frequency of 865-867 MHz. Now local oscillator of SX1257 to be 32MHz. Is it possible to tune the frequency which I want ?.

for varying the local oscialltor, is it possible to receive the desired frequency?.
If it is possible means, How can set the frequency of local oscillator?.

please anyone suggest the above problem.

Hi Anitha,

Please look up the local_conf.json and global_conf.json files, setting up the packet forwarder. There you can set the LO and IF to define the channels received by the SX1257+SX1301.
I'm working with Lora evaluation kit - 800. In our microchip gateway, local_config.json & global_config isn't able to configure. Because our gateway only accepts the configuration of server setup and not for frequency settings.

Thanks & Regards,
Sorry I won't be able to assit on this product, which I'm not familiar with.
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