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SX1262 In/Out Impedance

Let I recall an last year question about Receiver and Transmitter Impedances at 150-960 MHz band /my excellence!/ of SX1262 IC. I understand, that making of reference design is more complicated, so let other design engineers make own designs. The only need is that impedance, and I beleive that it is a parameter, controlled at the manufactoring process of the chips.
Hi Pavel,

At which frequency are you looking for load-pull information?
Hello, Seb/astien?/,
Actually I work on double conversion Lora Radio with IF at 336 MHz, so I need input impedance at that freq. But, if it is possible I want to know input impedance at whole range of SX126x, with appropriate step, say 50 MHz or even 100 MHz. From AN 1200.40 I read that the impedance /at the pins LNA+,LNA-/ at 915 MHz is 74-j134. There are some refdesigns at 470 MHz wit values, so with reverse math. /from values to the impedance/, I may compute some value of that impedance, anyway, it is more clear to know impedance at the whole range of the receiver. Who knows, maybe another project will need that.
About Transmitting side, there are known procedures of matching, like Class-E or even Square-wave Matching, so it is more easy with absence of output impedance at Tx pin. Anyway, at AN1200.40 a value exist at 915 MHz for output impedance, that is 11.7+j4.8, so it is curious to know how that impedance is changed at 336 MHz, or even at whole freq. range with appropriate step.