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SX1272 power consumption


We are using the SX1272 in our product, following the SX1272RF1xAS ref design with PA_BOOST. We chose to use PA_BOOST to have some extra power if necessary. However our design is efficient enough and we mainly use the +14dBm output power.

So I'm wondering: what is the difference of power consumption between RFO and PA_BOOST at +14dBm ?

I would like to know if it is worth changing our design to switch to the RFO pin.

Thank you
You can use the LoRa calculator tool available at:
to get an indication. The tool assumes PA_Boost for output powers above +14dBm. So, we find that at +15dBm on PA_Boost we consume 82mA and at +14dBm on RFO we consume 44mA. (There is a slight discrepancy vs. the official data sheet.) You can assume that the step from +15dBm to +14dBm on PA_Boost will be no better than the 1dB step from +16 to +15dBm, which is 3 mA. So, you are probably comparing around 79mA vs 44mA.

Hi Joe, thank you, that helps me.
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