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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to claim a device however I do not understand what exactly is the PIN. I have a few devices from RisingHF, Dragino and of my own and I cannot seem to claim them in the Claim Device page.
Is there any logic behind it? I tried to use the last 3 bytes of the DevEUI (as suggested in the Docs) but it didn't work.
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Hi there,

Hopefully I can help to explain.

The LoRa Cloud join server is designed to contain all the secret keys necessary to join a device containing a secure element customized by the Semtech key production solution (embedded into the device production line). To-date these devices only include some Murata modules and the newest Semtech silicon devices that have secure elements on-chip.

With the above products, you can get the PIN from either the packaging, shipping documentation or by querying the PIN from the device itself.

The Join server is designed to allow devices to join with nothing but an identity. Technically that identity could just be the DevEUI, but if we allowed this, then we would risk that people would 'claim' devices that they didn't own simply by block claiming DevEUIs. Therefore, the identity for the join server also required the PIN which is an extra piece of information that is supplied with the device and/or can be read from the device.

Today the join server does not support the keys from 3rd parties although this could change in the future.


Hi Rich,

Thank you very much for your answer!
I have here a developer kit from STMicroelectronics with a Murata module. Would a device like this have a PIN?
You mentioned it usually comes in the packaging, printed on the device or you could request the PIN from the firmware. Correct me if I am mistaken, but does this mean that the PIN is hardcoded in the uP (thus, in the node as a whole) and not in the LoRa module?
(This concept of PIN is still a bit unclear to me. And whenever I search for this I only find answers related to the pinouts haha 😛)

Thanks in advance!
Hi there,

yes the Murata device type CMWX1ZZABZ (type ABZ) will definitely have a PIN internal to the murata module. It pairs with the secure element in the module so it is contained in there too. It is possible to read it out of the module using a UART command.
The Murata landing page is here:

The s/w manual is here:
(page 11 the GetPin command has hex value 0x08)

Hope this helps.

Thanks again for your reply, however I couldn't read the PIN value. I tried to connect with a FTDI-USB module (following the document you shared) and also tried to find it in the expansion package (I-CUBE-LRWAN) but with no success.
Have you done this already? Would you happen to know where in memory would this Registration Number be? 😛