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Problem view the correct MAC payload with the latest ST lorawa software expansion

Hi, I run a board with the latest software for lorawan from ST - STM32CubeExpansion_LRWAN_V1.3.1. It supports lorawan MAC version 1.0.3 from march 2018 but when receive data on the Application Server (AS), the payload seems encrypted. I suppose both the AS and Netowrk sever (NS) supports lorawan MAC 1.0.3.

Can you help me understand what must do to view the payload decrypted in the AS? Can be this problem related to the gateway version?

It is a little hard to diagnose your problem with so little information, but we can say that they gateway is not likely the issue.

Perhaps this video on security that is part of LoRaWAN Academy can help you understand better the two layers of security that are used in LoRaWAN.