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Details on the AES-128 encryption using a SX1231

We're using the SX1231 (FSK) radio for a remote sensing solution.

We would like to use the hardware AES encryption of the transceiver IC on the remote sensors for securing our comms channel. On the central side however we'd like to use a software solution to do the decryption of the payload. (As this seems to be the only way possible to have unique keys per sensor.)

We can not find any details on the AES encryption _mode_ that is used in the SX1231 IC (e.g. AES-ECB, AES-CTR, AES-GCM etc.) and how, for instance, the IV is determined. The datasheet just states 'AES with a 128bit key'. That is too little information the implement a software based decoder. (and furthermore prohibits making any solid claims of overall system security.)

Any detailed information on the AES encryption used in the SX1231 transceiver would be very much appreciated!

the SX1231 runs AES ECB mode.

Is this information enough for you to move forward?