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Cannot send data from my arduino to my raspberry.

Im trying to do a project where an arduino would send data to a raspberry pi receiver. Since it's my firrst time using LoRa I tried making a simple program just to try out the connection.

I can send data from the Raspberry pi to the arduino without an issue, but for some reason trying to send data back never activates the IRQ pin on the module in the raspberry.

On the arduino side I'm using a arduino UNO with a Dragino LoRa/GPS shield and the radiohead library.
On the raspberry pi I'm using the upotronics LoRa hat for the pi zero, which is based on a RFM9x module.

The code for the arduino sketch is here

And the code for the python script, using the raspi lora library, is here:

It's been driving me a bit crazy and the fact that I can send messages from the raspberry to the arduino makes me think the hardware is ok. But if I'm making a mistake in my code I didn't notice I would be so grateful to see it.