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Scope issue during geolocation


I am in the process of creating a geolocation system with LoRa, I use API v2 for that.
I have a problem with the distance between the gateways. Gateways more than 4 km away are not used in the geolocation calculation.
Yet the data for rssi and snr are good.

For the example, these two coordinates are two gateways:
(46.537695, 6.618168) and (46.567695, 6.618168)
the distance is a little less than 4 km the gatewaysused are at 2/2.

If I adjust the distance to a little more than 5 km I go to 1/2 gatewaysused
(46.537695, 6.618168) and (46.577695, 6.618168)

Is it possible not to be limited in distance because I sometimes have 7 or 8 gateways within range but none close enough to allow localization, it's annoying.

Thanks for your help and excuse me for my English.