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How to configure the SX1231 based Module to MSK/GMSK Modulation?


In one of my application requirements I want to use MSK/GMSK modulation for communication between two endpoints. I found Semtech’s SX1231 FSK radio chip supports MSK/GMSK modulation type and a good fit for the requirement. Regarding MSK/GMSK I have few queries/unknowns that I couldn’t find from the datasheet. Can you provide me with any available information for better understanding.

Follow are the queries/unknowns:

1. In the datasheet I couldn't find information on how to configure/change the modulation type to MSK/GMSK.
a. What register value changes should I make to change from FSK to MSK/GMSK ?
b. What parameters should I take care when using the MSK/GMSK modulation type ?
c. Will the parameters such as Bit rate, Frequency deviation, Bandwidth, Output Tx power and other parameters will be the same as provided in the SX1231H datasheet or will they vary ?
d. What is the minimum & maximum receiver bandwidth, Frequency deviation and Bit rate that are available for MSK modulation type ?
e. What is the maximum payload size that can be used for fixed packet type/variable packet type ?

Any direct references/information regarding the queries would be great help. Any suggestions in using better hardware with easy prototyping of Point-To-Point communication using MSK modulation type are welcomed.