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Basic Station health status messages

The Basic Station documentation says "There is no feedback to the LNS if a frame could not be sent (e.g., because it was too late, there was a conflict with ongoing transmit, or the gateway’s duty cycle was exhausted). These conditions are summarized in health status messages and do NOT trigger an individual response."

However, I didn't find there any "health status messages". Are/will there be any?
Hello Petr,

periodic status messages about Station-internal health is a feature that is on our roadmap but not fully implemented yet. I will remove the reference to it from the documentation for now.

However, It's worth pointing out that Station right now supports forwarding health and status messages to the LNS via a FIFO special file. To create the FIFO file, execute the following command in Station's home directory:

mkfifo cmd.fifo

Then, you can push arbitrary messages to the LNS like this:

echo '{"msgtype": "gwstatus", "temperature": 50}' > cmd.fifo

This can be used by external scripts to periodically push status information to the LNS.