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Sx1302_HAL error

Hi. I am developing a gateway based on the SX1302_e539v02a_Corecell_schematic. Recently I finished the soldering components process and began to use the Sx1302_HAL files to test the board. I have configured the with the custom GPIO of my project. The below tests files were successfully finished:
The below are returning the next error "an error failed to configure rxrf 0"

I am attaching my schematic diagram in a pdf file. Most of the components are the same as in the reference design. I just change the Sky66420 to the SKy66423 because there were not available during the component buying in September.

Also, I am checked that the VCC_FEM regulator (NCP176AMX330TCG) is not 3.3V at the output. When the SX1302_CSD is HIGH (3.3V) it must enable the VCC_FEM Regulator but it is only (2.4V) at the output.

Could you please help me?
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I'm facing the same problem with the official Semtech Corecell EVK. Not much elaborated on the topic for now, however to note that it might be not your custom hardware causing the problem.
Hi Daniel. Great to know I am not alone with that. Sad to having problems. Could you please tell me which Reference EVK version do you have and the raspberry pi version, maybe we can help each other.