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Calibrate Function and Calibrate Image


I had two questions I was wondering if anyone could help answer:

1. For the Calibrate Function (opcode = 0x89) command in the SX1261/2 datasheet, in the "calibParam" byte, bit 6 can enable the image calibration, when this is enabled is this identical to calling CalibrateImage (opcode = 0x98)? If it is would it be called for the default 902 MHz to 928 MHz range?

2. Are "freq1" and "freq2" of the CalibrateImage command only allowed to take the values specified in Table 9-2 of the SX1261/2 datasheet? If I wanted to use the transceiver from 440 MHz to 450 MHz, would the 430 MHz to 440 MHz image calibration be best or is there a way to calibrate for that specific frequency range?

SX1261/2 Datasheet if needed:

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