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custom board testing

Hi Team, Designing custom sensor board of sx1262 based reference schematic with one difference is all filter load matching part taken from sx1261. Reason is we do not have BOM list of sx1262 reference circuit. Debuging every join procedure goes fine and getting txdone interrupt so on. No lora packet detecting on the gateway. Even custom board's antenna in 5 cm far away of gateway antenna. Can you send any new reference board with components values (BOM)

Can you double-check the reference designs on the SX1262 web page and make sure that it would be OK? I'm not too worried about PA mismatch at 5cm distance, more about the VDD_IN, VREG connection, which may be incompatible with your settings.
Thank you for kind support! Power supply DC-DC and PCB routing is ok. Any test point and value ? I use basicmac driver for sx1262 . it uses different default frequency than on packet_forwarder-master. I adjust these 3 freq to the same but still could not check on packet_forwarder-master console output. Any other parameters need to change? Our is EU868. i checked on scope and it shows there is activity on antenna switch on Dio2 and RF power supply.
got it work. but question about reference design sx1262 . C3 value is ommited in the BOM files. is it the same as C5?
ommited = not connected in all our BOMs