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Startup times in LoRa mode

The datasheet describes the startup times for the radio in par. 4.2.6, but the 4.2 paragraph is about the FSK/OOK mode. Paragraph 4.1 on LoRa does not mention startup times.

TS_OSC and TS_FS are given in 2.5.2, for TS_TR and TS_RE formulas are given.
Can I apply the same formulas when the radio is in LoRa mode?
If so, what is the bandwidth value to use for TS_RE calculation?
If not, how do I calculate the transmitter and receiver start up times for LoRa?

Does the radio, when in LoRa mode, follow the same state machine as depicted in Figure 18?


We' don't have precise timings tabulated here, however generally speaking the oscillator and PLL startup times still apply, and all of this is typically small compared to a LoRa symbol time, therefore it's less relevant to compute it, especially in asynchronous situations like LoRaWAN Class A devices

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