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Development Roadmap?

Is there a roadmap for lorabasics available?

Or if not could you please provide some information about planned developments, preferably with approximate timescales.
In particular we would like to know whether there are any firm plans to implement similar modular regions as in loramac node.
Also whether over the air updates are planned for lorabasics.

This leads into a more general question of the plans for lorabasics vs loramac node.
It's really important for us, as suppliers of end devices, to understand which of these Semtech is intending to most closely track LoRaWAN protocol developments with improved capabilities.

We currently make use of STM's fork of loramac node, although lorabasics looks to have a more application layer friendly design, which could provide significant advantages.

Views and advice would be appreciated.

We will publish a roadmap for both Basic MAC and Basic Station within the next few days. This will give more clarity on work / feature priorities already under way. We further would appreciate feedback on the priorities of unscheduled features or new feature proposals.

Regarding LoRaMAC-node, there will be one more update to make LoRaMAC-node compliant with the forthcoming LoRaWAN L2 1.0.4 specification. Afterwards we will still provide bug fixes until the end of next year but not further invest in new features or compliance with new LoRaWAN L2 specifications. Going forward, Basic MAC is our reference stack.