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a lot of CRC failed on Packet forwarder from sx1262

So many join req could not process on packet forwarder with CRC failed. go some success.
Any reason of CRC calc in sx1262 or need to make changes in the packet forwarder?
Are you saying ALL your packets are reported as CRC fail by the packet forwarder? Are you using the Semtech libraries?
not all packets, some packets going trough.
Their is always some loss in radio communications, what is the CRC fail rate you are experiencing ?
What reason can be for detecting only preamble when expecting join ack. Detecting preamble is receiving ok, but can not get join ack. my board is custom.
Reasons can be collisions, noise on RF path, bad sensitivity...

Did you try a simple ping pong between two boards ?
i purchased sx1262MB2CAS and tested. still server got join req and and got premble detect at sensor with sx1262MB2CAS without rxDone. the same as my board. my gateway using ic880a with packet forwarder. I trace RF packet with SDR. everything seems fine. i using code snippets from basicmac What makes sx1262 makes so difference. Do have expereince sx1262 with loraWAN?
Hi, you should not have troubles with BasicMac.
Why you wrote "code snippets" and not full BasicMac ?
Thanks for support! Our custom board required running under FreeRTOS.
So we use sx1262 driver and some modifications in Lmic. But firmware sending Join Req and packet forwarder getting req with some loss. And sending back Join Ack and device catched preamble with preambledetect IRQ. And i could not get rxDone somehow.... preamble detect means receiver setting correct, right? This situation same with custom board and dev kit.
ping pong between nodes is ok. will check timing