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Corruption of registry in SX1278 / AiThinker module

We are using AiThinker module in P2P mode . We are facing problem of the set registry values getting corrupted randomly and we have to reset it to start working again. What are the main reasons for the registry to get corrupted? We are not using arduino.

Otherwise the performance is fine with the setup
As a first step, please verify that a "brown-out" condition is not occurring during normal operation.
We have done that. Still the problem persists
Which register get corrupted ? Always the same ?
Thanks for all the response

I am using Sandeep Mistry Arduino library on STM32 bluepill for prototyping

I have attached the list of registers getting changed. The 1st column is correct init value. The other columns are dumps after every corruption

The module runs for 3, 4 days and then suddenly the register value changes. When I touch any pin of the module , the register value changes. I tried powering up via bench top Keithly 2231A power supply [3.3v] again if I touch even the +3.3V pins or GND pins of the module, the corruption occurs.

I am not using any DIOx pins

I have a counter that counts the no of register writes by cpu. The corrupting registers remains 1 indicating they are written only during init() , which means the cpu is not writing erratically to SX1278 registers. It is definitely happening on its own

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Have you find solution for this issue?

Do you have corruption if you do not touch the power supply ? Because it is not recommended.
Do you wear an ESD wrist when doing that ?
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