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device (mote and gw) duty cycle EU band

as far as i understand in EU band we have some portion with 0.1% duty cycle others with 1% and only one band with 10%
As far as i know 0.1 or 1 or 10 % means a hour percentage of Transmission so in 1% band (more than one channel) any device can trasmit for a maximum of 36 seconds and it can use others band in parallel or when 36 secs in 1% band are finish.

Does this mean that one device can transmit continously for 36 sec without any stop and then wait the next hour to transmit again for 36 secs ?

How device can ensure this ? i refer to end device that in most of case have only a relative time from starting from power up...
Thanks in advance


Not sure I understand your question, but yes, in a 1% band you may use up to 36 seconds of transmission per hour, however you'd like to do it. It's a good practice however to not use all 36 seconds at a time (I don't know of a valid use case for this anyway), in order to respect the "polite" use of the spectrum, and conserve batteries, etc.