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SX126x LoraMac-node not receiving


I've been trying for a while now to run an AT Slave application using the SX1262, it works properly with the SX127x but with the SX1262 I can only transmit correctly.

Here is my hardware setup:
I'm using the B-L072Z-LRWAN1 to validate the SX127x
I'm using the NUCLEO-G071RB+SX1262MB2CAS (shield)
As for network, I'm using the everynet ( and I can see that the TX from my board is always received, but when I schedule a downlink, it only works for the SX127x

Checking and comparing both codes behavior, I could see that whenever I use the command "AT+SEND=2:TEST" , I can see that the flow with the SX127x will have the STM32L072 RTC's ALARM configured several times and it will open the window for reception, but the same command for the SX126x will only schedule once. So, my main suspicion is related to the TimerListHead, I can see that running each code, the content of this struct is changed several times for the SX127 and the same doesn't happen for the SX126x.

Going even further I can see that the SX1276SetSleep function will call the TimerStop, which loads the values for the TimerListHead right in the beginig of the code (under the LORA_Init function) but the same flow for the SX126x will call the SX126xSetSleep, but inside it, there is actually no update for the TimerListHead, it looks like the SX126x would be the one responsible for waking the MCU, so I'm lost here

Any and all updates are more than welcomed


Which AT firmware are you using ? Is it yours ?
Hi Olivier

thanks for the quick reply, so I'm using the AT Slave example from ST the one under this folder> STM32CubeExpansion_LRWAN_V1.2.2\Projects\B-L072Z-LRWAN1\Applications\LoRa\AT_Slaveas my base code. Of course I've ported the radio part using the github drivers from

If you have any working example, please share it with me and I can also work from there

Really appreciate it
Best Regards

Please contact ST for ST related code, they modified the LoRaMAC-node code.
You can use LoRaMAC-node which features working drivers for SX1262