Learning Center

Welcome to the Learning Center

Here you will find a number of free training materials to help kick-start your development journey with LoRa® chips and the LoRaWAN® protocol.

If you’re completely new to creating Internet of Things (IoT) solutions using LoRa chips and the LoRaWAN networking protocol, start by working through the LoRaWAN Academy™.

If you are more experienced and want hands-on practice developing your devices and setting up gateways, try out our Hands-on Labs. 

LoRaWAN Academy™

LoRaWAN Academy is an all-encompassing, curriculum for students and professionals interested in learning about LoRaWAN, a widely adopted open protocol for low power wide area networking.

Hands-on Labs

Semtech’s Hands-on Labs offer you the opportunity to get hands-on practice. Each of the labs provides a detailed walk-through of complex tasks related to getting your IoT solutions up and running quickly.

Interactive Tutorials

The Interactive Tutorials will offer ‘bite sized’ morsels of developer training on specific topics, including videos, text, and a sandbox to try out your code.