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This lab guides you through setting up a LoRaWAN® system, from hardware through to data visualization dashboards. In this lab, we use the LoRa Edge™ LR1110 Development Kit, to demonstrate how to leverage the features of Semtech’s LR1110 chip. The LR1110 is an ultra-low-power platform that integrates a LoRa® transceiver, a multi-constellation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) scanner, and a passive Wi-Fi AP MAC scanner.

The LR1110 offloads the time-intensive and compute-intensive geolocation solver operation to LoRa Cloud™ which achieves very low-energy and fast geolocation. The LoRa Edge platform, therefore, offers a very low-energy geolocation solution that enables asset management applications such as asset location, asset recovery, asset traceability, inventory management, and asset loss prevention.

This guide is written for both developers and product managers interested in exploring the LR1110. We show you how to assemble and configure a LoRa Edge LR1110 tracking device and a gateway with LoRa functionality built on a Raspberry Pi. We then guide you through the process of connecting these devices to the Semtech Network Server and integrating them with LoRa Cloud, which provides location and device management services. Next, we show you how to connect the Semtech Network Server with your choice of three cloud providers (ThingsBoard, Azure, and AWS), and build dashboards to view your device’s location and signal strength.

The following diagram illustrates the resulting architecture once this lab is complete.