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LoRa Basics Station

Files Related to Station

  • cmd.fifo
  • version.txt
  • {tc,cups}{,-bak,-boot,-temp}.{uri,trust,crt,key}
  • {tc,cups}-done.bak
  • {tc,cups}-temp.{upd,cpy}
  • update.bin
  • station.conf
  • slave-*N*.conf
  • ~temp/
  • ~temp/station.log
  • ~temp/station.log.*N*


FIFO file for pushing various commands to a running Station. An example for changing the log level for a running Station is given in Section Logging Setup.


File containing the package version of Station in the form MAJOR.MINOR.REVISION. Based on this version information the CUPS protocol decides whether an update is available (see Section The CUPS Protocol).




Files related to credentials as described in Section Credentials.


Contains the update blob if available, received as a response from CUPS. On Linux systems, this is a self-contained executable file, comprising all files required for a generic update. The update MAY include files for Station itself or any other system-wide updates, depending on the permissions. The file update.bin is executed by Station if the corresponding signature matches.\_

Temporary file containing a partial update blob during a CUPS interaction. Upon completion of the CUPS interaction, the complete blob is written to update.bin.


The main configuration file for Station as described in Section Configuration Files.


Configuration files for a single Station operating multiple radio boards as described in Section Configuration Files.


Station process id.



Station log files.