LoRa Basics™

Semtech’s LoRa Basics provides developers with a rich set of tools for quickly developing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions featuring LoRa® radio modulation in conjunction with LoRaWAN® networks.

These tools consist of fully-maintained, LoRaWAN-compliant, ready-to-use basic building blocks for accelerated solutions development and deployment, promotion of best practices/minimum viable feature sets, and validation of new LoRaWAN features. Semtech’s LoRa Basics offerings help you get your solutions up and running without having to reinvent common features and functionality.

LoRa Basics for gateways

An implementation of a LoRa packet forwarder that runs on the host of a gateway. Designed to forward uplinks from end nodes to the LoRaWAN network server, and to transmit downlinks from the server to the nodes, LoRa Basics for Gateways can also be remotely managed by a Configuration and Update Server (CUPS) at regular intervals to obtain configuration, system and firmware updates.

LoRa Basics for end nodes

LoRa Basics for end nodes enable LoRa modems–software libraries that facilitate communication between LoRa® Internet of Things (IoT) devices and LoRa Cloud™ services, using the sub-GHz spectrum (with regional parameters) or the 2.4 GHz band for worldwide interoperability.