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LoRaWAN Academy™

New to LoRa and LoRaWAN? The LoRaWAN Academy will help you get up to speed quickly. The curriculum covers everything from an introduction to the Internet of Things to deploying large-scale low power wide area network (LPWAN) solutions for IoT.

Smart Building Kit

The Smart Building Reference Kit allows you to easily test, validate, and determine the ROI of using LoRaWAN® technology for Smart Building solutions. For less than $1000 you get two gateways, 20+ sensors, and a web-based user interface for monitoring the deployment.

Products & Services Catalog

Looking for products, services, and solutions?  The Semtech catalog provides the LoRaWAN® ecosystem with an extensive selection of gateways, end devices, networks, services and more. Promote your own solutions by adding them to the catalog. Come browse the catalog.


In the Guides section of the Library, you will find all manner of user guides, including how to use a LoRa® MAC stack, how to select a frequency and channel, how to install gateways, and how to set up a smart building.


Having a problem with your solution development, or  deployment? Describe your issue and post your questions in the forum. Here, you can get answers and advice from experts to aid in your solution development and deployment.

Technical Journal 

 Here you will find a variety of articles highlighting industry news of interest to the LoRa Developer ecosystem, with new articles added regularly. This is a place where you can shape the content. What topics would you like to see. Let us know.

Case Studies

Interested in what you can do with LoRa® or how LoRaWAN® enables the Internet of Things (IoT)? Learn how LoRa is connecting and revolutionizing the world, from farms and food to real-world smart cities.