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Latest post: Semtech LoRa Developers Forum Code of Conduct
Posted: 03-25-2019 08:38 AM
Author: mgreen
Administration groups for the Developer Portal and LoRaWAN Academy
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Please use this group for feedback and to report issues with the support Case flow
For feedback and to report issues with the LoRaWAN Academy
Technical discussion and support groups for all things LoRa
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Including discussion of dBi vs dBd, EIRP vs ERP, de-tuning and all things antenna related
For discussion including peak currents, shelf life, costs and shipping requirements
Academy technical discussion
Discussion, information and support
Discussion, information and support
Achieving and measuring low power, Brown-out conditions, RX1 timing, SW antenna switch, etc
Discussions/questions about GitHub LoRaMac-node project
Includes discussions related to Bandwidth, Sensitivity and blocking for both FSK and LoRa
Errata, register settings, Power Amplifier, etc
Errata, register settings, Power Amplifier, etc
Latest post: sx1276 radio increase the TX power up to +20dbm
Posted: about 27 minutes ago
Author: Miguel Luis
Errata, register settings, Thermal considerations, etc
Latest post: Command timeout?
Posted: 04-18-2019 07:26 AM
Author: sfrank
Capabilities, Calibration FW discussions, Tx Mask with SX1257
SX1301 HAL, Packet Forwarder, 1 PPS, FPGA
Settings for LoRaWAN devices, Timing, Classes, etc
Network theory, LNS, Security, Provisioning, ABP vs OTAA, etc
Coverage Testing, ADR testing, latency testing, etc