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LoRa Gateway Throughput Question

Hi all,

I have a question on the throughput of the multi-channel gateway.

Here is my configuration:
* using Lorix One gateway, 8 channels enabled in AS928
* proprietary LoRa end device running on proprietary LoRa protocol (not LoRaWAN)
* fixed SF9/125
* each proprietary LoRa packet is large, max can be 244 bytes

Here is the issue I see:
* If send max size packet on each channel at the same time, only 3 out of 8 packets received by pkt_fwd, other 6 packets dropped
* if send max size packet with 450ms stagger delay time, all packets received by pkt_fwd, no packets dropped. see the picture attached for a better explanation.

It looks like a throughput issue. I do not know where is the bottleneck, however. my questions are:
1. bottleneck in Semtech sx1301? 1024 bytes buffer in SX1301?
2. bottleneck in Packet Forwarder?
3. Lorix One ARM Cortex A5?

Is there any way to improve, maybe:
* change the value of LGW_DATABUFF_SIZE in loragw_hal.h?
* something else?

Thanks a lot!


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Hi Paul,

What you observe is expected. The buffer is 1024 bytes in length. Each packet received is appended with 18 bytes of macro data. So in your case, only 3 packets can be received, the other ones will be dropped.

Hope this helps.
Can I ask how much buffer does SX1302 has?

Thanks for your explanation.
It will be 4KB at least