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LoRaWAN - Actuator Control Remotely

Hello, I am new to working with LoRaWAN. I have several questions about it. I have a LoRa CubeCell HTCC AB-01 module (Heltec) and a UG87 gateway (Ursalink). I am working with them to develop a remote control project for an actuator. The module can be programmed in Arduino IDE. I have run the tests using the examples provided by Arduino: LoRaSender, LoRaReceiver, Ping-Pong and LoRaWAN, and they have all worked in the module correctly. I would like to know some things:

1) How does the LoRaWAN sample code work? What exactly does it do? What does it consist of?

2) How to send the information that the module sends and that TTN receives to a local server to be able to work with it (manipulate, classify, filter, etc.)?

3) How to modify the code that is loaded to the module so that it can remotely control an actuator?

Any information you can offer me will be very helpful. Thank you.