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Cloud Services

Designed as a set of easy-to-use tools, the LoRa Cloud™ services help solution providers deliver value more rapidly, with less development overhead. These services allow you to securely on-board devices and gateways, manage both the full life-cycle and location of those assets, and more. This suite of tools brings cost-effective choices enabling almost instantaneous make vs buy decisions for many of the foundations of a solution, thus allowing designers to focus on the real value in their offering.

LoRa Cloud Geolocation.

This service enables developers to quickly build IoT solutions which leverage multi-modal location capabilities (including Wi-Fi, GNSS and LoRaWAN®-based geolocation) without taking on the development complexity (and repetition) involved in building a solution from scratch. The service is designed from the outset to support flexibility in deployment options, cost effectiveness and ease of use.

LoRa Cloud Device Join

This service is an extremely efficient security management service. It is designed for managing the on-boarding, off-boarding, and re-keying of network sessions with devices on a LoRaWAN network. Conforming to the LoRa Alliance®-defined protocols, this service also includes the highly-secure key derivation required to connect LoRa®-based devices in the most secure way possible.

LoRa Cloud Device and Application Services:

The Device and Application Services are designed to complement LoRaWAN-based devices, to make integration and comprehensive management seamless, using a simple API integration. Key features of the Device and Application Services feature-set include:

  • Automated device status reporting (energy management and performance),
  • Clock synchronization (for event triggering and reporting),
  • Packet loss protection and error correction