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The Asset Tracking Reference Kit (“Kit”) is a portable reference Kit designed to validate LoRaWAN® network coverage around a building or site and to accelerate solution development for a wide range of stakeholders. The self-contained nature of this reference Kit makes it easy to set up, take down, and move a network in a matter of minutes.

Users can determine a gateway’s range of coverage by moving the location of the sensors to different places around a building. Furthermore, solution developers can focus on providing customer value through data collection and analysis by using off-the-shelf hardware available from external suppliers.

The GPS location data of each tracker is displayed on a dashboard that users can access through a web browser. The dashboard shows the type of displays that can be created with the data collected (See Figure 17 and Figure 18). The URL for the dashboard, and how to locate the login credentials for your Kit, are explained in the Getting Started section of this guide.

Note: This Kit does not allow direct access to the underlying data or the ability to change the LoRaWAN network server (LNS) to which the gateways are connected. If those features are desired requirements, please contact Semtech at