In this toolbox for LoRa®-based developers, you’ll find the tools you need to develop an end-to-end solution, including LoRa Basics™, Cloud Servers, and code samples. 

Semtech PCB Design Review Service

The Semtech PCB Design Review Service is available to developers to help ensure that your LoRa®-based hardware will function properly. This service is freely available to those developing applications that are destined for production of more than 5,000 units per year.

LoRa Basics™ Station

LoRa Basics Station is an implementation of a LoRa packet forwarder, which can be remotely managed by a Configuration and Update Server (CUPS) at regular intervals to obtain configuration, system, and firmware updates.


Available in GitHub, LoRaMAC-Node provides an endpoint LoRaWAN® stack implementation, with examples of Class A, B, and C devices. Developed for five geographic regions, it supports firmware updates over-the-air (FUOTA) and drivers for SX1272/73, SX1276/77/78/79 and SX1261/2, as well as for other chips complying with the LoRaWAN specification.

Additional Software

Find additional LoRa-related software here.

LoRa Basics™ MAC

LoRa Basics MAC is a portable implementation of the LoRa Alliance® LoRaWAN® specification in the C programming language. LoRa Basics MAC supports multiple regions, selectable at compile and/or run-time. Class A, Class B and Class C devices are supported.

Please note that Semtech is ending support for LoRa Basics MAC. For new designs, we recommend using LoRaMAC-Node.